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Logix Discovers the 8th Wonder of the World

Smarter Banking Getting Smarter - A Message from Our CEO

How does Logix set rates?

Top 10 Ways Remote Work Could Change Home Buying and Selling

Paying with a Purpose - Hope for Hospitals

New Logix Branch in Calabasas!

5 Reasons to Add Your Logix Card to a Digital Wallet

Paying with a Purpose - Your Two Cents Count!

A Letter from the CEO: Further Expansion of Services

A Letter from the CEO: Expanding Hours and Availability

The Right Financial Tools for your Home Improvement Projects

A letter from our CEO: From My Home to Yours

Logix Federal Credit Union Donates 1,000 N95 Masks to Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital

What is Capital and Why is it Important?

Saving Money While Staying at Home

If You Need Financial Assistance due to COVID-19, We're Here to Help

Remote Banking Options

A letter from our CEO: Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times

Beware of Scams, Fraudsters

John Muir Middle School Donated 3,500 Non-Perishable Items to Support Burbank Temporary Aid Center in the Wake of Coronavirus

How to Effectively Bank From Home

Logix in the Community - Conejo and Simi Valleys

Watch Out For Mobile Deposit Fraud

Inexpensive Gifts for Your Valentine that Pack A Lot of Heart

Give Yourself an Early Payday with Direct Deposit

A letter from our CEO: What to expect in 2020

Community Giving at Logix - A letter from our CEO

Credential Stuffing Key Reason To Have Unique Passwords For Every Account

Logix Members Enjoy Summertime in Santa Clarita

How to Turn On Card Notifications in the Logix Mobile Banking App

Join Us for Santa Clarita Valley's Concerts in the Park!

Logix introduces BOTCOIN: The New Cryptocurrency on the Block

Meet Your New CEO

The Importance of Teaching Your Kids Good Savings and Spending Habits

Stay Alert of This Tax Scam

How and Where to Find Savings This Holiday Season

Logix Mobile Banking App - Lookin' Fresh! And Smarter, too

How to Survive No Spend November

Credit Unions Are Different, and Members Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

Logix Gives $1 Million to Local Charities

Logix Federal Credit Union Partnered with SCV Project Linus during Inaugural Community Day

Your Computer Is Infested with Viruses? Not So Fast.

Pink Ribbon Pins for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Freezing Your Credit - Now Free!

How to Boost Curb Appeal to Raise Your Home's Value

5 Ways to Go Zero Waste Without Breaking the Bank

Logix "Blanketeers" & Giving Back to SCV Project Linus

Annual Holiday in July Toy Drive

Why is Financial Planning Important?

Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck at Even the Fanciest Restaurant

3 Ways to Save by Choosing a Bed & Breakfast for Your Next Vacation

Logix Employees Raise $44,000!

The Risks of Writing Checks to Cash

It's That Time - Santa Clarita's Concerts in the Park

Mid Year Financial Checkup: 5 Things to Review

Fraudsters Like Peer-to-Peer Payments Too

Email Security Basics For Phishing And Spam

Let's Talk Interest-Only ARMs

Why You Should Start Saving and Ways to Kickstart the Habit

Logix in the Community - Project Linus

Smarter Banking 2.0: Logix Live Chat

Auto Expert – Free Help For Your Next Vehicle Purchase

3 Ways to Improve Your Credit - A Logix Video Blog

Staying Organized With eBills

FTC Announcement Regarding "Western Union Refunds"

A letter from our CEO – What to expect in 2018

Balancing Your Checking Account

New Twist On The Popular Tech Support Scam Has Surfaced

How to Travel on a Budget

Paying People with PopMoney

A Consumer's Guide to Mail Theft Prevention

Credit Report Pulls - A Logix Video Blog

"What's that noise?" Car Repairs or New Car?

Stay On Track With Your Budget Goals

Bad Credit Habits - A Logix Video Blog

Logix Travel Tips

Logix Employees Give at our 9/11 Remembrance Blood Drive

Has Your Child Become a Victim of Identity Theft? 1 in 40 Have

Thank You SmartLab Readers!

Credit Card Balance Transfers - A Logix Video Blog

New Online Banking Security Feature

Fraud Alert: “Secret Account” Scams

A Pure Imagination Toy Drive

How To Make Summer The Season Of Saving

Using a Raise - A Logix Video Blog

How To Save: Start Small

Customizable Text & Email Alerts

Repaying Student Loans - A Logix Video Blog

Is Social Media Scamming You? Five Popular Scams and How to Avoid Them

Keep Summer Road Trips Cheap

Summer Is For Fishing And Not Phishing

Logix Employees Give $120,000!

Hiring a Contractor - A Logix Video Blog

Working from Home - A Logix Video Blog

Now Would Be A Good Time To Buy Winter Clothes

Credit Counseling Ideas - A Logix Video Blog

Money Is Just A Score Board: What Cash Can Do And What it Can't

Budget: The Unwanted Wedding Guest

Safeguarding Your Personal Info on Your Smart Phone & Computer

Retirement Savings Snowball: How Much Should You Save?

Fixing Things is Incredibly Satisfying.  So Why Don’t We Do More of It?

Let's Talk About Your Credit Card Debt

Four Unusual Ways to Save on Groceries - A Logix Video Blog

Spring Cleaning: Get Organized

An RV Park Destination Awaits You

Letting Family in on Your Savings and Finance Goals Can Help You Reach Them

Establishing Credit as an Authorized User - A Logix Video Blog

Rev up the RV – 5 Easy & Affordable Road Trip Games

Paying More for Quality Items Saves You Money

Ring, Ring?  Keep an Ear Out for these Popular Telephone Scams

Establishing Credit While Renting - A Logix Video Blog

Using a Cosigner to Build Credit - A Logix Video Blog

Debt Consolidation - A Logix Video Blog

5 Steps to Saving for a Car

Why You Need an Emergency Fund

Fuel that Credit Knowledge

Planning for Long-Term Care

A Complementary Mortgage Loan for Your Home Purchase

Opportunity is Calling - New Job Opportunities at the Logix Member Contact Center!

2017 Relationship Dividend FAQs

We love you, too. Logix is returning $3 million to members on Valentine's Day.

2017 Relationship Dividend - A letter to our members from our CEO

Why our resolutions fail: building and breaking habits

How to Spot and Stop Employment Scams

Be on the lookout for these frequent tax season schemes and scams.

80 Years... and Counting

Saving a Penny a Day Could Pay for Your Next Vacation!

What things cost in 1937

Budgeting Tip: Start Small, Don't Stop

Over Do It This Holiday?

If "Giving Season" Was "Saving Season"

How to maximize your year-end bonus or raise

Rock Bottom: Realizing You've Got To Change

Fraud Alert: Holiday fraud is on the rise.

Open House Tips

Money can be a scary thing to talk about, but it’s worth it to try

What to Know About Money When Traveling Abroad - A Logix Video Blog

Save On Prescriptions - A Logix Video Blog

Gifting Guidance

Refinancing Your Auto Loan - A Logix Video Blog

Thankful for what you don't have.

How to Prepare for Financial Instability

Punny Money

Understanding the value of purchasing things that make you feel good.

Should I buy this?: When the angel and the devil on your shoulder are both making pretty good points.

Why arguing about money makes no cents

Spending less is not the same as saving!

Why I Love Working at Logix

Learn More About 401(k)s

Dollar Cost Averaging = Smarter Investing.

Should You Consider Investing in Precious Metals?

Rental Car Savings

Before You Buy a Home

Do What You Love, and Love What You Do

What is "Smarter Banking" Anyway?

It’s not just your money: The give and take of planning for a family

What are you saving for?: Having a light at the end  of the tunnel can help you stay on track

Money & Meatloaf: How talking about money in social settings can change the way you think about your finances

Win $733.70 every week. Get $5 per registration. Stop Fraud.

The Fun of Frugality: Gamifying saving to trick yourself into better financial decisions

The Richest Man in Babylon - A book review by our CEO, Dave Styler

Senior Discounts - A Logix Video Blog

Say NO to Payday Loans - A Logix Video Blog

Financial Planning for Leisure Activities in College

Apartment Hunting as a College Student

5 Cheap Home Improvements - A Logix Video Blog

Online Price Matching - A Logix Video Blog

How do Credit Limits Affect your Credit Score? - A Logix Video Blog

Who wants to be a millionaire... when you retire?

Fraud Alert: Be sure EMV "Chip" Card Issuer eMails are Legit

A simple demonstration of the power of compound interest

How much does our Board of Directors make? Here's a hint:

Is it Better to Buy or Lease a Car? - A Logix Video Blog

Don't EVER put these four things on a credit card.

ATM Skimmers - A Logix Video Blog

Logix Haikus for #WorldPoetryDay

Open Season: Thoughts on Tax Time

Should I Hire a Tax Pro? - A Logix Video Blog

Types of Tax Professionals - A Logix Video Blog

Smart Moves with Your Tax Refund

Tax Refund Fraud - What You Need to Know this Tax Season

We Welcome Your Feedback

Help Prevent Fraud by Freezing Your Credit

2016 Predictions - Updates from our CEO on Logix 2016 Initiatives

Buyer's Remorse

2016 Dividend: A letter to our members from Logix CEO, Dave Styler

2016 Logix Loyalty Dividend FAQ

Logix Announces $5M Loyalty Dividend

Home Warranties

A Letter from our CEO: Tapping the Brakes to Avoid Excessive Growth

Why do banks have fees, and how can I avoid them?

A Financial Fresh Start

A Brief History of Credit Unions

Free Gift Ideas

Deck the Halls with Scams Aplenty

Smarter Holiday Gifts - A Logix Video Blog

Why is Open Enrollment Important? - Logix Video Blog

How to Interact with Debt Collectors - A Logix Video Blog

Investing in Future Self

Every Day is Still Bank Transfer Day - How to Help Your Credit Union Thrive and #MakeYourMoneyMatter

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