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Posted by Admin on 3/24/2016

It’s no secret there are people out there who want to rip you off. 

The thing is, some of them are putting devices on ATMs to steal your card information.  They put something over the card slot to read the magnetic strip, and either lay a fake keypad over the real one, or have a hidden camera to capture your PIN number.

You can protect yourself if you take a closer look:

  • Does the ATM look different than before—or different from the other ones around it?  If so, don’t use it.
  • Does the keyboard feel too thick or wobbly.
  • Don’t be afraid to tug on strange looking parts—they shouldn’t wiggle or come off.
  • ATMs at remote locations are most at risk. Those at branches tend to be safer.
  • Always cover your PIN with your hand to thwart any hidden cameras.

Your liability is small if you call attention to fraud quickly.  So always check your statements for unusual purchases.

Do us a favor please.  Tell your friends about us so they can be smarter about their money too.

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