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Smart Moves with Your Tax Refund

Posted by Admin on 3/11/2016

Are you celebrating a tax refund?  Mazel Tov!  But don’t go blow it on something weird.

Here are 4 good moves to make with it.tax_accountant_robot_robix_3.png

  • First, build (or start) your emergency fund.  That’s the money you dip into if there’s an unexpected mishap for example.
  • Second, pay down your highest interest credit card.  But be careful not to run it back up. 
  • Another smart option, put it into a special savings plan, for retirement, or a college fund
  • Finally, think about prepaying for an upcoming vacation.  That way, you’re not putting your trip on a credit card.

With these four ideas, you can become a tax refund genius.

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