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Video Blog: Don’t Get Phished

Posted by Admin on 10/9/2015

Time to talk about some scams out there.

When people try to trick you into giving them your banking information, that’s called phishing.

Sometimes these come by email, and sometimes by phone.

Take the email for example.  It’s designed to scare you.  It will say there’s a problem with your account, or your password. 

Some of these look really good, but they’re dangerous.

Because they give you a link to click to log on to your account to check it, or they send you an attached file to review.

Don’t do it.

In fact if you just mouse over the link--- without clicking it--- you’ll see a little pop up that shows where you would really be going on the internet.

And it won’t be where you bank.

Another version of this comes by phone, and the caller may even have your credit card number they’ve stolen, but they don’t have the security code on the back.  They’ll try to trick you into giving that and other information to them. 

Remember you’re dealing with a criminal mind.

Look, there is not a financial institution in this country that will ask you for your account number or password by email or over the phone.

If you’re worried about your account, call the number on the back of your card, or log in to your account the usual way--- not through a link someone sent you.

With this kind of Phishing, you want to be the one that got away.

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