Fuel that Credit Knowledge

March is Credit Education Month!  

Positive credit habits are often imperative to achieving financial goals.  Whether you want to purchase a home, buy that first car (or third), or apply for a credit card to start earning rewards points, developing these good habits now will help. A great credit history will help increase the loan amount and decrease the interest rate on loans. 

At some point, we all started with zilch credit, and the trick to developing positive credit habits lies within our knowledge of the subject and our implementation of credit best practices.  So, no matter the month, it is never too soon nor too late to learn about what credit is and how you can make it work for you.

To help with your research, we have a variety of short videos on the subject of credit.  Whether you stream videos on the go or during that moment of down time at home, take a few minutes to check out our credit favorites below!  A little selfishness can go a long way here.  Allow yourself that brief time to learn some credit tricks.  Then, make a plan to start building or enhancing your credit.

Here's How to Improve Your Credit Score

 Credit Counseling Ideas

Credit Card Limits - Keep Them in Check

Smarter Credit Card Strategy

Home Buying Preparation


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Kayleen Kavanagh

Kayleen Kavanagh

Kay started with Logix in early 2009 and has held a few different member service roles. She enjoys sharing her positive learning experiences with hopes that we can all continue down the path of smarter banking.