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How and Where to Find Savings This Holiday Season

Posted by Autumn R. on 11/30/2018

You might look forward to the holiday season all year, but your bank account doesn't! That's because along with all the holiday cheer and unlimited baked goods, you can expect lots of expenses for everything from decorations to gifts. Fortunately, there are a few ways to curb those costs as the holidays approach.  Here's how:

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How to Survive No Spend November

Posted by Admin on 11/1/2018

Are you struggling to save money? You're not alone. More than half of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. An interesting way to create good financial habits is to complete the No Spend November challenge. If you're ready to embark on this difficult challenge, here are some tips so you can survive the month:

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5 Ways to Go Zero Waste Without Breaking the Bank

Posted by Admin on 9/14/2018

Want to live a greener life but think it's too expensive to buy all the gadgets that make it possible? Here are five ways to cut your carbon footprint in your home without spending a fortune, including rechargeable solutions, composting ideas and paper reduction.

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Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck at Even the Fanciest Restaurant

Posted by Admin on 8/10/2018


If you're like most people, saving money can get hard when your heart's desire for a little fun bumps up against your brain's strict budgetary rules. Life is all about finding a balance between the two -- all while making sure your account balance stays in the black.

The good news is that there are ways to save even while enjoying yourself. You don't have to skip that big-deal anniversary dinner or avoid a hip new restaurant that's creating so much buzz. Try these tips to save money while eating out.

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Mid Year Financial Checkup: 5 Things to Review

Posted by Paco de Leon on 6/29/2018

If our calendar year could be compared to a basketball game, we're at about half time. For those of you who don't know anything about basketball, the game is broken into two halves with half time in the middle. During halftime both teams retreat to their locker rooms.

So, right now, we're in our half time. We're in the locker room taking a quick breather from running up and down the court like athletes trying to score as many points as we can. It's time to huddle up and make sure we are doing things right.

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How To Make Summer The Season Of Saving

Posted by Paco de Leon on 8/14/2017

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Using a Raise - A Logix Video Blog

Posted by Admin on 8/7/2017

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How To Save: Start Small

Posted by Paco de Leon on 8/4/2017

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Keep Summer Road Trips Cheap

Posted by Paco de Leon on 7/6/2017

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Hiring a Contractor - A Logix Video Blog

Posted by Admin on 6/12/2017


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