CA COVID-19 Rent Relief Program

Need help with unpaid rent or utilities? The CA COVID-19 Rent Relief Program is now covering 100% of rent and utilities for income-eligible renters and landlords. Please note: This is not a Logix program, and the information shared in this article is for informational purposes only.

The State of California has increased funding for income-eligible renters and their landlords who have been impacted by COVID-19 to cover 100% of unpaid and future rent or utilities. This increase in rental assistance payments to 100% of unpaid rent will help make landlords whole and keep tenants housed. You can verify your eligibility for the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program and apply immediately by visiting, or by calling 833-430-2122. Additionally, if you are an applicant who has already received funding through the program, you will be compensated the difference to receive 100% coverage – there is no need to re-apply!

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Logix Awarded Forbes America’s Best-In-State Credit Unions 2021

We’re good at giving credit, and humbled to receive it.

Seriously, we wouldn’t have been voted Forbes’ Best-in-State Credit Union if you weren’t so awesome. Fewer than 1% of credit unions can say they’ve been voted Forbes’ Best-in-State Credit Union every single year since its inception. Logix is only strong and successful due to our amazing members. Thank you for your trust, your membership, and your belief in the power of Smarter Banking!

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Navigating by the the Stars

A long time ago, before GPS was readily at hand on smartphones and built into vehicles, travelers used the stars to navigate their way. The night sky was their guide, and clusters of stars, known as constellations, sent friendly winks to explorers, leading them to their journey's end. Tales of their adventures, and their glittering guides, spread across the land, allowing others to follow their path and enjoy voyages of their own.

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A Letter From Our CEO: Hope for New Beginnings

Dear Valued Members,

It’s hard to believe it has been one year since the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives. I hope that you and your loved ones have remained safe and healthy during this challenging time. As the pandemic extends into its second year, we continue to make the safety of our members and employees our highest priority.

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Logix's Return of the Member

To our longtime members this may come as no surprise, but we’re proud to report that Logix has topped the charts once again! Out of 300 credit unions over $1B, recently ranked Logix Federal Credit Union 4th in member feedback! How did we do it? Was it our tasteful lobby decor? Was it our adored robot mascot, Robix? Well, as with all of our victories, we accomplished this feat due to our members' ongoing loyalty and support.

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