Why Your Logix Card Belongs in Your Digital Wallet

Picture this: you're cozily nestled on your couch, mobile device in hand, doing some online shopping. You've stumbled upon that must-have item, effortlessly added it to your cart with just a couple of taps, and entered your shipping info in a breeze. You're on the brink of retail euphoria when you reach the payment section, only to be met with the dreaded card number, expiration date, and CVV fields. But, wait for it... your card is nowhere to be found! It's chilling out in your wallet, which might as well be in Narnia for all the effort it takes to retrieve it. Your couch cocoon feels too comfortable to leave, and you half-jokingly contemplate calling out, "Alexa, fetch my card!" Alas, reality strikes, and you're faced with the daunting prospect of getting up and finding your card. The struggle is real.

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Preventing Card Fraud: Freeze/Unfreeze Your Card in the Mobile App

Year after year, reports of debit and credit card fraud and associated financial losses continue to rise. As scammers become more skilled and sophisticated with their schemes, individuals need to enhance their digital security. So, how do you stay ahead of the game, you ask? Well, with the right knowledge and tools, of course. One powerful weapon is the ability to freeze or unfreeze your card using the Logix Mobile Banking app.

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Mobile App Tips & Tricks: Manage Your Cards 24/7

The convenience of mobile banking has transformed the way we manage our finances. From the ability to check your account balance in real-time, to freezing your card, changing your PIN, and even depositing checks, these everyday banking tasks can be easily managed anytime, anywhere.

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Debt Consolidation With a Personal Loan

Recent research from the Filene Research Institute, a thought leader in the Credit Union Movement, has revealed that “more than half of Americans revolve on their credit balances, deflating their credit scores and depleting their savings, especially when they prolong their indebtedness by making smaller monthly payments than they could.

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Is a Traditional or a Secured Credit Card Right for You?

Whether you have a burning desire to multiply your purchasing power or you are simply getting started, consider adding the credit card that is right for you to your financial arsenal. This thin, plastic tool can ignite your credit scores, add sparkle to your lifestyle, and illuminate many cost-saving benefits. But your credit health is key to determining whether a traditional or a savings-secured credit card is the best choice for your situation.

Read on to learn what's hot - or not - about these two cards, and why it matters.

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