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Top 10 Ways Remote Work Could Change Home Buying and Selling

Posted by Admin on 7/31/2020

Has your organization recently switched to a remote work environment? Is your dining room table now a desk? You are not alone. 

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5 Reasons to Add Your Logix Card to a Digital Wallet

Posted by Kayleen Kavanagh on 6/23/2020

You’re sitting on the couch using your mobile device to shop online when you see an item that you absolutely must have. Two taps later, the item is in your cart and you’re ready to check out. After adding your shipping information, you think, albeit prematurely, “Wow! It’s so easy to buy whatever I want from the comfort of my couch.” Smiling, you scroll to the payment details section, then quickly frown upon seeing blank fields for a card number, expiration date, and CVV. You let out a long sigh because your card is in your wallet, which is in the kitchen, practically 50 paces away! Comfortably seated on the couch and not the least bit interested in getting up you say, “Alexa? Bring me my card.” If only it were that easy. The barrier is almost too much to handle. You’re about to abandon the cart for cute animal videos, when you see it: the digital wallet you recently installed on your mobile device. Convenience at your fingertip. A ray of digital sunshine. The choir sings. You quickly tap the icon, then tap one more time to confirm your purchase. Phew! Your smile returns and all is well again in that moment. 

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Paying with a Purpose - Your Two Cents Count!

Posted by Admin on 6/15/2020

A penny here and a penny there might not seem like much. To our neighbors in need of help, a penny here and there can make a big difference. When our community partners together, small contributions from a lot of people can really add up.

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A Letter from the CEO: Further Expansion of Services

Posted by Ana Fonseca on 6/1/2020

Dear Valued Members,

Since my last update, we had an overwhelmingly positive response to our expanded branch and contact center hours. A special thanks to all our members who visited a Logix branch and for your patience as we continue to exercise safety protocols. The health and safety of our members and employees remains our highest priority, thus we continue to enforce safety protocols until COVID-19 is no longer a serious threat. 

Please see our latest updates below, effective Monday, June 1.

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A Letter from the CEO: Expanding Hours and Availability

Posted by Ana Fonseca on 5/15/2020

Dear Valued Members,

On behalf of our entire Logix family, I want to thank you again for your continued trust and the efforts you are making to keep yourselves and loved ones safe. In my last communication, I explained how your current needs and financial wellbeing are helping us shape decisions about how we serve you during these challenging times.   

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The Right Financial Tools for your Home Improvement Projects

Posted by Stacey Klein on 5/15/2020

Since mid-March, many of us have found ourselves in the unique position of working, teaching, playing, eating, crafting, learning and just plain staying at home. If you’re anything like me, the more time you’ve spent at home, the more things you’ve noticed need fixing around your house.

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Topics: Credit Cards, Home Equity Loans

A letter from our CEO: From My Home to Yours

Posted by Ana Fonseca on 5/11/2020

On behalf of each of us at Logix Federal Credit Union, I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

When the pandemic first took hold, our leadership team and I tried to anticipate what life would be like for you, our Logix members. We immediately took steps to ensure we could continue serving you during this unprecedented crisis. This was a challenge since, like many Americans, many of our employees are working from home.

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Logix Federal Credit Union Donates 1,000 N95 Masks to Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital

Posted by Alethia C. on 4/22/2020

During this time of uncertainty, health care facilities are experiencing a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Amid the coronavirus threat, our credit union team members wanted to show their commitment to healthcare workers and the Santa Clarita Valley community, donating 1,000 N95 masks to Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, our local partner.

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What is Capital and Why is it Important?

Posted by Stacey Klein on 4/22/2020

You may have seen some of the recent e-mails we’ve sent to let you know that, despite these uncertain times, your money is safe with Logix Federal Credit Union.

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Saving Money While Staying at Home

Posted by Laura Eelkema on 4/17/2020

In these unusual times, terms such as “social distancing,” “self-quarantine” and “distance learning” have worked their way into our everyday language. Some of us might have more time available, nowhere to go and limited resources. Before you start to go stir crazy, we’ve gathered a few tips on how to save a little money while enjoying some fun, budget-friendly activities.

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