7 Tips for Maintaining High-Mileage Vehicles Until Inflation Subsides

Since the onset of the pandemic and subsequent supply chain challenges, the auto industry has experienced three years of near-constant disruption. Luckily, supply chain woes are easing a bit, but rising interest rates and inflation are taking a huge toll on consumers. This is leading many who would otherwise be purchasing a new car or truck in 2023 to stay in their current vehicle for another year.  

If you want to extend the life of your vehicle, here are some helpful tips for keeping your ride in top shape until the market becomes more favorable for consumers.  

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healthCAR: Affordable Vehicle Protection for Your Vehicle’s Lifespan

Over the last few years, the cost of labor and automotive parts has continued to increase— leaving car owners with higher repair bills. With advanced electronics and computerized systems now standard in most vehicles, even the smallest repair can end up costing you hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Car This Summer

Whether your summer plans include weekly trips to the drive-in theatre or a cross-country road trip, your current set of wheels might not be up to the task. But after more than a year of financial uncertainty, buying a car right now may seem risky. Spoiler alert - it looks like the economy may be the next summer blockbuster. Now might be the perfect time to grab your ticket and hop into a new ride.

Here are five reasons to shift gears and head to a dealership this summer.

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Pros and Cons of an Auto Lease Buyout

The termination date on your auto lease agreement is fast approaching. Where has the time gone? It's been less than 36 months, and it's already time to decide if you want to continue the relationship. You didn't think you could get so attached. Walking away - it's just too much to bear.

Okay, maybe it's not that dramatic. But turning in the keys to your leased vehicle isn't easy if you've fallen in love with its high MPG, its reliability, or the way the driver's seat molds perfectly to your form. Or, maybe you can't bear to break up with those low monthly payments that come with leasing a vehicle.

No matter what you decide, your future will be affected. So weigh these pros and cons to help determine if it makes financial sense for you to buy out your car lease.

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4 Things to Consider When Financing a Car

Is it time to think about financing a car? It looks like it might be for many people.   

The website AutoTrader reports that people are embracing online car buying instead of in-person shopping, which makes sense as we continue to focus on social distancing, health and hygiene.  
Financing a car is one of those big life events – whether you are “kicking the tires” in the showroom or on a dealer’s website.  

It all starts with making sure we get the best deal possible on the vehicle we want.  Then the next step is figuring out the financing and negotiating your car purchase. 

We all make the best decisions we can with the information we have available to us. It is in that spirit that we share some ideas to consider when financing a car. 

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