How to Order Checks: A Step-by-Step Guide

The traditional checkbook still holds its unique place in managing finances. Whether it's paying for rent, settling a personal debt, or handling transactions that require a paper trail, checks are indispensable. Did you know that you can seamlessly reorder your checks through Online Banking or via the Logix Mobile Banking App?

Follow these steps to get started. 

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Staying Organized With eBills

Yearning for a little bit of order in your life?  When days are hectic and your brain is maxed out, having a tool that reminds you to pay your bills (or, pays your bills automatically) can be a huge relief. 

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Customizable Text & Email Alerts in Online Banking

Anxiously waiting for a deposit to be made on your account? Sure, you could check your account balance several times a day by logging in to your Online Banking account or through the Logix Mobile app, but there’s an easier way - text and email alerts. 

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Online Banking: How to Transfer Funds Between Logix Accounts

Did you know that you can easily transfer funds between your Logix accounts? Whether you want to make a payment by transferring funds to your loan or move money from one share to another, you can do so in your Logix Online Banking account. Simply follow the steps below to get started. If you are looking to transfer funds between different Logix accounts, click here to jump to this section.

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Online Banking Registration Guide

Online Banking is a free, secure, and convenient way to bank from home. Sign in to Online Banking to perform transactions, get account information, and much more. First time here? Learn how to register in just a few easy steps!

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