A Wolf in Pup’s Clothing

I had been searching for a Chow Chow puppy for months when I finally came across what seemed like the perfect opportunity on a popular online marketplace. A breeder needed to find homes for the last few pups from a recent litter. The post featured adorable photos of Chow Chow puppies. The price was surprisingly affordable, which should have been the first red flag.

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A Text Message Could Have Turned My Life Upside Down

Last Saturday, my phone pinged with a text message that could have turned my life upside down. I figured it was my friend Julia reaching out for our usual weekend plans. But instead of her name, the screen displayed “Logix Federal Credit Union” - where I’ve been a member for years.

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Strange...I Didn’t Remember Applying for a Loan

How did I feel? At the time, it felt like I had the wind knocked out of me. It was an ordinary Tuesday evening, and I was clicking through a ton of unread emails when I saw it – the one from my credit union.

The subject line read "URGENT: Finish Your Loan Paperwork!". It made me sit upright on my couch.

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