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Money and marriage, the two seem to be forever intertwined. In my first post on this series, Celebrating the Long Haul I talked about my own recent marriage. It turns out, I wasn’t the only one reflecting on the value of anniversaries at the time. My dad let me know that he had begun making plans to renew his vows after 31 years of marriage to my mother. She later confided to me how much that meant to her, that with all the gifts and difficulties that come along with decades of commitment; her partner would choose to do it all again. It struck me that years down the road when thinking about my own wedding, I wouldn’t remember the price of peonies or the cost of carnations, but rather recall the celebration of promises kept.

At Logix, we feel a similar fulfillment in honoring our ongoing partnerships with long term members. Since 1937 you’ve trusted us to provide you with smarter banking, and over the years we’ve grown with you. Like the significance of the materials listed below, we've been proud to support you with any of your banking needs from: increased balances, financed dream cars, to new home ownership.

I hope you enjoy part two of this series, celebrating the milestone gifts we give to celebrate love and their significance in history as money. If you’d like to read part one first, please click here.

YEAR 20: China Anniversary

Ever been told not to gamble with your own money? Seems like China is the exception! China originated in its namesake, China, between 960 and 1127 AD. Early European replications of the formula included ground ox bones. Another type of china coin is the Siamese Chinese Gambling Tokens from 1820. They were used in Chinese-run gambling halls. The tokens were originally created for gambling counters, but later, those tokens were used as currency within their district. Despite being outlawed, over 8,000 designs were issued and used well into the 20th century. 

China Gift Ideas: China dining set, teapot, or perhaps even a “pun” trip to the Great Wall of China (I highly recommend the cable car route v. the initial 5,000 steps). 

YEAR 25: Silver Anniversary

Silver money was first recorded as being used as currency in 7th century BCE. Ancient Greeks would use a mixture of gold and silver in their currency. During the Classical period coins took on a high artistic quality. Many of these silver coins show patron gods, goddesses, legendary heroes, or symbols. The coin shown here came from a wealthy Greek city called Rhodes, where they paid tribute to the sun god Helios. The other side of the coin with the image of a rose served as a pun, as the Greek word for rose (rhodus) paid homage to the name of the city that produced them. 

Silver Gift Ideas: Silver wine coasters, an intricate serving platter, or an engraved flask. 

YEAR 30: Pearl Anniversary 

Pearls are the world’s oldest gem and among the most valued. In the first century, Julius Cesar prized them so much that he passed legislation ensuring that only the ruling class were allowed to wear them. This coveting of pearls would last well into the following centuries and remained an essential trade commodity in ancient times. In fact, they were so highly valued in the 19th century that oyster supplies were threatened. Unlike other precious gems which are taken from the earth, a pearl can only be formed by a living organism, ensuring their ongoing appreciation in today’s jewelry market. With this in mind, some partners may prefer a different material all together…perhaps faux pearls or maybe just gift chocolate instead?

Pearl Gift Ideas: A strand of classic pearls, a romantic movie night watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s featuring her iconic pearl necklace, or a mother of pearl ballpoint pen.

YEAR 35: Coral Anniversary

Though it may be hard to believe, coral was also a historically known material in the production of ancient monies. Rai stones were created by natives of the Yap islands in Micronesia where 6,000 still currently stand today. These stones are largely made up of coral and sea shells. Rai stones or Yapanese stone money were ceremonial gifts of great value, and are used today to support the theory that what truly makes money valuable is not the material or its scarcity, but the shared belief in that value by its community. What a coral-ation! 

Coral Gift Ideas: Coral stone bookends, a paperweight, or a coral reef snorkeling trip.

YEAR 40: Ruby Anniversary

These precious gemstones were first discovered in the Mogok region of Burma as early as 2500 BC. In ancient Sanskrit, rubies were called ratnaraj, or “king of precious stones” and were mainly minded for the royal family to adorn themselves with. They were also seen in ancient trade markets. Rubies value still stands today! The most expensive colored gemstone in the world is a ruby known as the Sunrise Ruby, a 25 carat “pigeon's blood” colored ruby worth 30 million dollars USD. (If my husband reads this, I don’t mind celebrating this anniversary earlier...)

Ruby Gift Ideas: A bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, a ruby colored cashmere sweater, or a ruby bracelet. And don’t worry, if these materials are too flashy for your partner’s taste you can always circle back to Celebrating the Long Haul for alternative ideas!

YEAR 45:  Sapphire Anniversary 

Whose heart also broke when the Titanic’s Rose dropped her sapphire necklace into the North Atlantic Ocean? What a loss. Sapphires, much like rubies, also have ties to royal families throughout the ages. They were and still are prized and adorned as status indicators and symbols of wealth. They are said to symbolize truth and faithfulness. A famous sapphire engagement ring once worn by the belated Princess Diana of Wales now rests on the hand of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. It is valued at over 300,000 euros. 

Sapphire Gift Ideas: A sapphire anniversary band, a romantic movie night featuring Titanic’s famous “Heart of the Ocean” necklace, or a weekend away to the beach to look out over the blue waters. 

YEAR 50: Gold Anniversary

“There’s gold in them thar hills!” Well, there certainly was. Whether you’re a native Californian or a transplant, the California Gold Rush of 1848 is well known in American history. After the discovery of gold nuggets near present day Sacramento, the Gold Fever” would bring over 300,000 miners to California. They too, hoped to “strike it rich” and become wealthy from their discoveries. The dreams and sacrifices of the influx of settlers would go on to propel California to statehood in 1850. Gold remains a precious metal today as one of the highest performing investments. 

Gold Gift Ideas: A Logix membership in which your loved one will be a Gold member for the first 90 days of membership regardless of balances! (C’mon, I had to), shares in Gold stock, or a charm bracelet. 

YEAR 55: Emerald Anniversary 

In the first century Rome’s Pliny the Elder described the sight of an emerald as “…nothing greens greener”. I’m inclined to agree. The first known emerald mines were in 330 BC Egypt and their later Queen, Cleopatra, was known to have a great fondness for them. They were additionally discovered in modern day Columbia during the 16th century Spanish exploration of the new world. The Spanish, who valued silver and gold would trade the Inca’s emeralds for the metals. Emeralds, through this trade system, would go on to make their way to the European and Asian royal courts. They are said to represent love, eternal youth, and rebirth.

Emerald Gift Ideas: An emerald watch, an emerald colored outfit, or perhaps a trip to Ireland to overlook fields of green. 

YEAR 60: Diamond Anniversary

How appropriate for the 60th wedding anniversary that a diamond is one of the strongest substances on earth. Diamonds are the traditional gemstones for many of life’s milestones including engagements and anniversary celebrations. In 4th century BC they were known to be mined and traded throughout India, and today they continue to be mined throughout the world at 90 to 120 miles down inside the earth. It is also suggested, with scientific backing by Marilyn Monroe in 1953, that diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend.

Diamond Gift Ideas: Jewelry, jewelry, and let me stress this - jewelry. Don’t worry. Logix can help you start saving for these types of purchases! Diamonds alone have increased 32-33% in value in the last ten years. Our Money Market account is a great way to go about earning higher interest on your hard earned money, rather than a traditional savings account. We also offer competitive CD rates, and an array of other investment options so that you have the time to build the resources needed to keep the traditional wedding gifts going for years and years to come!

How long have you been a Logix member? However you go about celebrating your milestones, at Logix our sincerest wish is that you feel invested in and valued beyond measure. Let us know if you are celebrating a wedding milestone this year! And remember if you haven’t already started a membership with us, forever can begin today.


*Logix Federal Credit Union is not affiliated with any outside sources, and is a separate entity. Please contact Logix at (800) 328-5328 or visit www.lfcu.com if you have any questions about this topic or would like to consider opening an account. 

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