Help Prevent Fraud by Freezing Your Credit


Here’s a way to protect your financial information from crooks. 

Freeze your credit.


It’s a neat trick and here’s how it works.

You contact the three major credit agencies and ask for a freeze on your credit report, so no one can access it.  That means if a bad guy goes fishing for your personal information, he’ll be frozen out, so no one can set up fraudulent accounts in your name.

If you ever need to apply for a loan, (and how often does that happen, really?) you simply contact the agencies and ask them to unfreeze your credit temporarily.  Unfreezing it can take as little as 15 minutes—or up to three days.  Here's a quick guide on temporarily lifting or removing a freeze from your credit report.   If you have placed a freeze on your credit, it should be temporarily lifted or removed prior to opening a new account or applying for any type of loan with Logix.

Be aware that it could cost anywhere from $3 to $10 dollars per agency to place the freeze.  It will cost $2-12 to unfreeze it.  But in some states, though, it’s free to do so.

So consider putting your credit on ice… so you glide along safe from hackers.

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