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How does Logix set rates?

Posted by Andrea Carpenter on 10/21/2020

How Logix Sets Rates

For starters, Logix is a not-for-profit cooperative, so earnings are returned to members through better rates, lower fees, improved services, and increased reserves to maintain unmatched financial strength. We really do want to earn your business! Please read on to learn more about how we set rates for some of our most popular accounts.

Savings and Money Market Accounts – These accounts are "liquid," which means your money is not locked in for a specific term and rates can change daily. We set rates by analyzing the competition and returns earned from lending and investment activities. Rates on liquid accounts and short-term Certificates generally move in relation to the short end of the U.S. Treasury "yield curve." We do not link our deposit rates to an index because that would prevent us from setting rates based on Logix earnings as well as local competition.

Certificate and IRA Accounts – Members may "lock in" a rate over your choice of terms, with higher rates offered for longer terms, jumbo balances and Platinum, Gold, or Silver Relationship Rewards status. Please check our current Certificate and IRA rates here.

Vehicle loans – Logix strives to offer some of the best vehicle financing rates available. We keep a close eye on the competition and offer discounts for good credit, automatic payment and Relationship Rewards.

Credit Cards and Home Equity Loans – Rates for these loans are variable and may change monthly in accordance with the U.S. Prime Rate index. Because home equity lines are secured by the equity in your home, rates are lower than those offered on credit cards. Logix offers an attractive mix of introductory rates, cash-back rewards points and special offers to return value to members. Please visit specific loan pages on our website for details.

Mortgages – Logix offers a variety of rate, term, down payment and pricing options for mortgage loans. Here too, we actively monitor the competition and strive to offer members the best combination of service and value. Visit Compare All Mortgages to learn more.

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