Navigating by the the Stars

A long time ago, before GPS was readily at hand on smartphones and built into vehicles, travelers used the stars to navigate their way. The night sky was their guide, and clusters of stars, known as constellations, sent friendly winks to explorers, leading them to their journey's end. Tales of their adventures, and their glittering guides, spread across the land, allowing others to follow their path and enjoy voyages of their own.

So isn’t it fitting that modern society has chosen the image of a star, in the form of online reviews, to help guide people as well? Just as Odysseus used stars to cross oceans, modern day society follows stars to find where to eat, sleep, or even where keep their money safe. The only difference, is that our stars are much closer to home. We no longer need to wait until nightfall and look to the sky to direct us to our desired destination. Our stars are available on the internet and social media in the form of ratings and reviews on products and services. Those are often the stars that matter most, because they help us find our way in a world filled with too much "light pollution" - typically in the form of flashy big budget ads everywhere we look.

For years, Logix members have been a beacon to people on a hunt for a better banking experience, helping others navigate their financial journeys with the thousands of star ratings and reviews they have left on Yelp, Facebook, Google, WalletHub, and more. We deeply appreciate the thousands of members who have chosen to share their experiences with the world. No amount of flashy advertising from mega banks can come close to the trust instilled by an honest review by a fellow consumer. And we invite all our members to share their stories and stars online in order to be the guiding light that wandering souls can trust to illuminate the path to smarter banking.

Your online travels have led you this far, and if you would like to go the extra mile, consider sharing your Logix story on your favorite source for online reviews. No matter how you have interacted with us, whether it was at one of our 18 Southern California branch locations, over the phone with our Member Services Center, or even online through our secured messaging/chat services, your experience can help guide others to a smarter choice in banking.

Thank you for your membership, and for guiding our next member to Logix.


*Please contact Logix at (800) 328-5328 or visit if you have any questions about this topic or would like to consider opening an account.

Meet the blogger

Jessie Abarques

Jessie Abarques

Jessie has been an enthusiastic part of Logix’s family for almost 8 years. When he isn’t serving members, he is a digital artist, able to bend all sorts of visual and audio media to his will. Jessie is a big fan of nature, adopting a vegan lifestyle while surfing and hiking what the world has to offer.