Open House Tips

So your house is for sale and there’s a potential buyer coming by.  You don’t want to make a bad impression.  Here are 5 tips to make your house show well.

  1. Clean!  Besides the usual scrubbing, be sure to wipe down any surfaces the prospective buyer might touch like hand railings, doorknobs and sinks.

  2. Get your pets out of the house.   Remove food bowls and litter boxes too since they can smell.  Speaking of smells, brew some coffee before the showing, or bake some cinnamon rolls for a welcoming aroma.

  3. Declutter!  Lose the pictures on the fridge and the photos on the mantle. 

  4. Remove area rugs that visually divide a room and make your place feel smaller.

  5. Put away sports memorabilia.  If your buyer is a fan of your rival team you’ve got a problem.

With those little touches you might be celebrating a sale.

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