Save your valuable time, too!

Watch in a piggy bank.Everyone talks about saving money, but isn’t saving time just as important? You can always make money, but you really can’t make more time, or can you?

Here are some quick tips to help you put some minutes back into your day:

Online shopping
Instead of going to the store and standing in line, shop from your computer or device from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere that’s convenient for you. Some online stores have a subscription service so that the items you need on a regular basis come straight to your door when you want them. Better yet, some of these services provide you with a discounted price and free shipping. You can even receive groceries from delivery services. And, you can avoid the impulse buys that can hit your wallet.

Grocery shop during off hours
Sometimes, it seems easy to drop by the market on your way home, or on the weekends. Ask your grocer when there is a light crowd in the store, or shop when you think it’s an off-peak time, like mid-morning or after 7 p.m.

Create a route
If you have to go to several locations, create your most efficient route before you hop in the car. Backtracking can waste your time and the fuel in your car, which means it costs you in two ways. So, before you buckle up, know where you’re going and when. Also, there are several phone apps to help you create the most direct route, and check out traffic times. Lifewire talks about some of the traffic apps that make the grade.

Read money and time saving blogs
Most bloggers stay current on trends and have a lot of information to share. You can do a simple search online to find some of these writers and there are apps that you can download to have these blogs flow right into a reader for you. (I use Feedly.) Earlier this month, Kalyn wrote “3 Reasons Why You Should Become a Morning Person,” on her blog Creative Savings. She gives you her take on how to maximize your day.

Make an appointment or reservation, and avoid lines
Going to the DMV, the credit union, and some other locations around town can cut a chunk out of your day. But, you can get a fast pass to the front of the line if you make an appointment for some of these errands. There are online reservation tools, too, like, which offers rewards for using the site. If you’re going to the movies or a theme park, you can get your tickets in advance and avoid those lines, giving you more time to enjoy the experience. Sometimes, you can even find discounted offers, offering you a win-win – saving you both time and money.

Logix Card ManagerHave your dry cleaning delivered
Dropping off your dry cleaning can be easy. You hand them a bag, they hand you a tag, and you’re set. Going to pick up can take longer. You have to stand in line, your items need to be brought to the front, and you have to pay. Use a service that will drop off at your workplace or at home. Sometimes they might cost a little more, but it’s worth saving your time and the fuel it costs to drive to their storefront.

Continue to discover new ways to save yourself some time; it’s just as valuable as money. It just might be worth it.

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Alethia C.

Alethia C.

When Alethia’s not promoting the credit union and volunteering in the community, she’s baking cookies and writing. And, sometimes she writes about baking cookies. Being a credit union member since the age of 17, she has a passion for the CU mission and her work. She graduated Michigan State in communication and bleeds green and white. Her pet peeves include calling the major communication, communications, and misuse of the word entitle. She loves finding ways to improve the community and raising money for worthy causes. You can follow her on Twitter - @acalagias.