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A letter from our CEO – What to expect in 2018

Posted by Logix CEO, Dave Styler on 12/1/2017

Providing superior member value is the reason Logix exists. Value comes in many forms, and as another successful year comes to a close, I’d like to detail some of the plans in place to deliver superior member value in 2018.

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Thank You SmartLab Readers!

Posted by Admin on 9/5/2017

We just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank YOU!"

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An Update on Samsung & Android Pay

Posted by Admin on 3/15/2017

It goes without saying that technology changes very fast in today’s environment.  Yesterday’s pager is today’s fond memory (well, maybe not quite ‘fond’).  When technological advancements become available and appear to offer value for our members, we do research to determine our member interest in the new technology, and whether we can offer the technology at a reasonable cost.  When digital wallets surfaced several years ago, the financial services industry anticipated that consumer demand would soar, and our members also told us they were very interested in using it.  When we learned that Apple Pay was compatible with our operating system, as well as our vendors’ systems, launching Apple Pay became an immediate goal.  The dedication of money, time, and employee resources made it a reality.

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80 Years... and Counting

Posted by Logix CEO, Dave Styler on 1/26/2017

Lockheed Aircraft Employees Federal Credit Union was officially chartered January 21, 1937.  Several weeks ago, with that milestone anniversary rapidly approaching, I took a few minutes to again read the original charter application, signed by the 12 Lockheed employees who founded our institution. 

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We Welcome Your Feedback

Posted by Admin on 3/10/2016

For many years, we've invited influencers of the credit union - the people who cared the most about our success - to participate in a program called Inner Circle. This forum was a precursor to social media as we know it, and served the same function: it allowed us to interact with members who care about our brand and explore ideas with them which would build a stronger future for our credit union. 

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2016 Predictions - Updates from our CEO on Logix 2016 Initiatives

Posted by Logix CEO, Dave Styler on 3/2/2016


I’ve never been good at predicting election outcomes, although I did correctly call Ronald Reagan’s 1980 victory over Jimmy Carter (not particularly impressive, as virtually everyone except Carter knew Reagan would win in a landslide).  I also know from experience that it’s a bad idea to use a company communication forum to discuss political issues, let alone to predict the outcome of hotly contested elections.

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