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Fraud Alert: Holiday fraud is on the rise.

Posted by Brad Blue on 12/22/2016

Fraudsters don’t take vacations for the holidays. In fact, they only have happy holidays if they are successful  in ruining yours! There are three important steps in preventing holiday fraud – let’s call them Ho Ho Ho:

  • Hold off on clicking that link: One of the most popular forms of fraud, especially recently,  involves pop-up windows indicating that Microsoft or your computer manufacturer has “detected a security error.” When you click “OK” you are taken to any one of several web security company websites, or asked to call an 800 number. Here, you’ll be asked to enter information about yourself and your accounts to fix the security issue. Don’t do it!


  • Hop on a call with Logix: You know we almost always answer your call live, so if something seems fishy, just call us and we’ll let you know what we think. All Logix staff have training to help us identify schemes and scams, and we’d love to help you avoid fraud! Call us at 800-328-5328 for immediate help from 6am-8pm Monday through Friday and 8am-5pm Saturday (PST). (Please note we are closed on Christmas and New Year’s Days.)


  • Host the Logix Card Manager app on your phone: The most powerful force in fighting fraud is the well-educated, well-equipped member. You’ve already taken the time to read this post, which means you are taking the right steps to identify signs of fraud, but if you don’t have Logix Card Manager, you are missing out on the most powerful tool Logix offers to help. Register today and help Logix fight fraud.


With your help, we’ll be sure the only person having happy holidays on your dime – is you.


Topics: Fraud and Identity Theft, Consumerism and Spending

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Brad Blue

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