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No matter what Brad were to say about himself in this bio, it would be easy to find the truth about him with a simple google search. This applies to business as well, and the new business rules created by such transparency are what make Brad look forward to each day spent working in online Marketing at Logix! If you really were thinking about running a search, you’d mostly find lots of stuff about the CSU Rams, some truly awful puns, and many gushing posts about his wife and new daughter.
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Fraud Alert: Holiday fraud is on the rise.

Posted by Brad Blue on 12/22/2016

Fraudsters don’t take vacations for the holidays. In fact, they only have happy holidays if they are successful  in ruining yours! There are three important steps in preventing holiday fraud – let’s call them Ho Ho Ho:

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Topics: Fraud & Identity Theft, Spending

Dollar Cost Averaging = Smarter Investing.

Posted by Brad Blue on 9/12/2016

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Topics: Video Blog, Investing, Saving

What is "Smarter Banking" Anyway?

Posted by Brad Blue on 8/24/2016

We should clarify a bit of confusion about our tagline, "smarter banking." We aren’t a bank. We never have been a bank, and we never will be a bank. You see “smarter banking” in our tagline, because, quite simply, that’s what we offer.

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Topics: Insider, Consumerism, Credit Unions

A simple demonstration of the power of compound interest

Posted by Brad Blue on 4/21/2016



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Topics: Investing, Saving

Don't EVER put these four things on a credit card.

Posted by Brad Blue on 4/1/2016

Contrary to popular belief, using a credit card to make purchases instead of cash can be a very healthy practice - especially if you don't carry a balance and you use a rewards credit card like our Platinum Rewards MasterCard. But there are four things nobody should ever put on a credit card:

Electromagnets: Electromagnets can damage the magnetic strip on your credit card, rendering them useless except in cases where the number is manually entered. (Such as an Amazon purchase.)

Other people's names: In the signature strip on the back of your card, never put another person's name or doodles of any sort. This space should be reserved for your own signature and other markings are not advisable.

White hot molten metal: As with the electromagnet, white hot molten metal (such as the kind one finds in steel mills or the volcanic planet Mustafar from Star Wars III) should not be put on a credit card except in dire circumstances, and NEVER while in your pocket. (Am I right, Brian?) The card will likely melt causing damage to the card or extreme pain if it touches the skin.

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Topics: Consumerism, Credit Cards

Logix Haikus for #WorldPoetryDay

Posted by Brad Blue on 3/21/2016

  • Logix Haiku         

We are not a bank

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Why do banks have fees, and how can I avoid them?

Posted by Brad Blue on 12/29/2015

Let’s face it: nobody likes to pay a fee. At Logix, we’re especially keen on limiting fees to our members, and this 2015 independent study by Consumer Reports indicates that our members think we’re doing a great job of keeping fees low.

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Topics: Consumerism, Saving

Free Gift Ideas

Posted by Brad Blue on 12/7/2015

Well it’s that time of year again—when you need to think about holiday gifts.

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Topics: Consumerism, Saving

My You Have a Beautiful Voice – Here’s a Microphone

Posted by Brad Blue on 10/26/2015

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The Money Value of Time

Posted by Brad Blue on 2/12/2015

In my Finance 101 class, my teacher taught us about the time value of money, also known as “present discounted value.” The general concept is this: the money in your change jar is worth more today than it will be tomorrow because it has opportunity to earn that extra day of interest. The time value of money is, for example, why the government loves sending you a tax refund. They know that you’ve loaned them free money each month, so any interest they gained could have been yours.  

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