Free Gift Ideas


Well it’s that time of year again—when you need to think about holiday gifts.

You can’t leave it all to Santa—he’s a very busy man.

Good news.  Giving gifts doesn’t have to cost anything.  You just need to do a little creative thinking.  

Free idea number 1: Try the sentimental route for family and close friends.  Arrange to get them something that once belonged to their grandparents.  Or something they loved from their childhood.  Those are meaningful gifts.

Another approach--- offering services.  For a friend that travels, offer pet sitting. And for parents, the gift of a single night of childcare so they cango out can be worth the kid’s weight in gold.

With a little creativity, you’ll go easy on your wallet, and Santa can take a break.

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Brad Blue

Brad Blue

Brad Blue is the proud VP of Digital Marketing for Logix, and loves working for a credit union because he’s passionate about cooperative, not-for-profit banking. Brad joined Lockheed FCU in 2012, where he assisted in the development of the new Logix brand and website. He has spent over 18 years working with credit unions, and becomes more passionate each day about moving the industry forward with innovations in digital marketing and omnichannel member service. Originally from Colorado, he now lives in Ventura, CA with his wife and two kids, and together they all find lots of fun things to do in their lovely little oceanside town.