What is "Smarter Banking" Anyway?


We should clarify a bit of confusion about our tagline, "smarter banking." We aren’t a bank. We never have been a bank, and we never will be a bank. You see “smarter banking” in our tagline, because, quite simply, that’s what we offer.

When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he called it the “new type Edison lamp.” He didn't see it as a new thing, just an improvement on the lamp.

Likewise, when Diamler invented the modern car, he called it a “motorized carriage.”

Even movies were called “motion pictures” when they were created in the late 19th century.

These ideas, revolutionary as they were, were only improvements on every-day items like carriages, oil lamps, and pictures. And while we didn’t invent banking, we believe the idea of cooperative banking is so much… smarter… than traditional banking, we put it in the tagline.

Here are a few tangible differences between traditional banking and Logix. You can call them whatever you want, but we call them smarter:

1: We are a not-for-profit cooperative. This means we will never take the profit we make from operating and send it to people who don’t use the credit union. Whenever we are running profitably (which has been every single year since our inception in 1937) we are obligated to use that money for the good of our membership.

2: We actually have lower loan rates, lower fees and higher deposit rates. But don't take our word for it. Here's a rate comparison chart.

3: We are awesome. Using the industry-standard method of calculation (Net Promoter Score) we are in the 100th percentile in satisfaction. 9.6 out of 10 members say they would recommend us to a friend. 

We call ourselves Logix, Smarter Banking because that’s what we are – a more logical choice for your banking, and an improvement upon the status quo. 

If you still aren’t convinced – just don’t bank here. Hey, some people out there are still riding in their horse carriages by the light of an oil lamp, too. But if you’re ready for something new, here’s how to open an account.

Meet the blogger

Brad Blue

Brad Blue

Brad Blue is the proud VP of Digital Marketing for Logix, and loves working for a credit union because he’s passionate about cooperative, not-for-profit banking. Brad joined Lockheed FCU in 2012, where he assisted in the development of the new Logix brand and website. He has spent over 18 years working with credit unions, and becomes more passionate each day about moving the industry forward with innovations in digital marketing and omnichannel member service. Originally from Colorado, he now lives in Ventura, CA with his wife and two kids, and together they all find lots of fun things to do in their lovely little oceanside town.