My You Have a Beautiful Voice – Here’s a Microphone

Hi! I’m Brad, the social media guy at Logix. Sure I post on Facebook and Twitter, but my primary responsibility here is making sure that you are able to do your job as a member.

Does it sound strange to you that you have a responsibility?

Many people are not aware that as members, they are also owners of our organization. It’s true. It’s not figuratively true, like oh-so-many “the customer is the boss” mantras. It’s literally true, like “Logix has no other reason for existence except to help me thrive” true. Simply put: If you have an account at Logix, you are part owner of one of the most successful financial institutions in the country.

As an owner of any company, you are a stakeholder in its well-being and have a responsibility to yourself to maximize the value that relationship. That’s where I come in. Or, better put, that’s why you hired me.

I’m here to help you make Logix an even more successful organization – you know, the kind that is able to consider  dividends, build branches when others won’t,  develop convenient new banking technologies, protect your deposits with the highest levels of security, and deliver service so well that we’re growing faster than ever because of referrals.

One of the best ways we remain able to return value to  you is to not waste your money on unnecessary advertising. That’s why you don’t see Logix ads on TV, for example. Every dollar spent on marketing to potential members is a dollar we could be spending to improve service. On the flip side of that coin, new members increase our ability to maximize our efficiency and provide better rates and service, so in many cases advertising is the most effective way to provide the new members and resources we need to deliver the service you expect. For example, a large deposit from a new member might fund an auto loan for an existing member, and his or her mortgage with us might lead us to grow deposits by raising your money market rates.

If I worked in marketing at a big mega-bank, I’d be in a pickle. “How can I spend less on advertising, but still get lots of new customers to increase the wealth of my owners, who may or may not be my customers?” I’d say as I adjusted my monocle.

But I don’t work for one of them; I work for you. And I know from our consistent survey results that there’s about a 96% chance that you love Logix and are willing to recommend us to a friend. And that, dear member-owner, is starting to sound like free advertising. That lovely voice of yours deserves to be heard by the masses, and because of the power of social media, we have a unique opportunity to amplify word-of-mouth advertising on social media to be more effective than any TV ad could be.

About 70% of consumers check online reviews before making a purchasing decision. Peer reviews on Yelp, Google, Amazon, TripAdvisor, and more have, in many ways, restored the balance of power from large companies that invest in advertising (at the expense of service) to local companies that invest in service - like us.

You already know how valuable your word-of-mouth referral is. That free advertising helps us increase the value of your membership. Now, consider how much more you’ve done so by putting a review on Yelp, where thousands of people will see your review each month.

So, are you ready to use the power of your voice on social media to put money in your own pocket? Here’s how:

  • Post a review on Yelp, or simply check in on Yelp when you visit a branch
  • Say nice things about us on Facebook and Twitter
  • Post a review on our Google page listings
  • Review your Logix products and services on the designated pages of our website

A few kind words on social media will have a lasting impact and help us keep laser-focused on delivering world-class, “Yelp-worthy” service. In the end, the loan you fund could be your own.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Beginning on November 1, check in on Yelp at any branch and get a FREE 4GB Robix USB drive. Supplies are extremely limited, so visit a branch today!

Would you like to leave a review for Logix? Visit this page now for a link to your favorite branch.

Meet the blogger

Brad Blue

Brad Blue

Brad Blue is the proud VP of Digital Marketing for Logix, and loves working for a credit union because he’s passionate about cooperative, not-for-profit banking. Brad joined Lockheed FCU in 2012, where he assisted in the development of the new Logix brand and website. He has spent over 18 years working with credit unions, and becomes more passionate each day about moving the industry forward with innovations in digital marketing and omnichannel member service. Originally from Colorado, he now lives in Ventura, CA with his wife and two kids, and together they all find lots of fun things to do in their lovely little oceanside town.