Punny Money




Money. LETTUCE talk about it. You think you never have enough – that’s not true DOUGH! Okay, so you might not have enough to vacation at a Hawaiian dairy farm and do the MOOLAH, but it could be worse. You could be as poor as a skunk. Skunks are poor because they only make CENTS!

I know the situation, you go into a bank, just as an interested on-LUCRE, when you see people coming in with what seems to be pails and DUCATS of money. You swear you’re not jealous, but eventually you get some of that GREENBACK. You want to give their faces a SMACKERS or two, SCRATCH their eyes out. You really want to WAMPUM, or at least sue them in small CLAMS court, but trust me, you’re more well-BREAD than that.

Well, here’s an idea that BUCKS the system, make no BONES about it: Instead of DOLLAR-ing at the top of your lungs about what you don’t have, keep JACK of what you do. Be a little more FISH-cally minded, and eventually you can go from taking a taxi, to taking your own private plane – that’s right. You can make a CABBAGE-et!

So until next time, Toodle-LOOT!



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Benjamin Ziek

Benjamin Ziek

Ben is no financial wizard, but he is a wizard with words. He is a multiple-time World's Pun Champion. Many of his routines are on YouTube. When he's not mangling the English language, Ben enjoys game shows and pro wrestling.