Rental Car Savings

Going on a trip and need a car, but don’t have a lot to spend? Here are five money savings tips ideas

  1. Shop off brand rental car companies.  The brand may not be a household name, but it could save you 15-30%.
  2. Google online coupon codes.  It’s not uncommon to find savings of $25 or more there.
  3. Avoid airport locations if possible.  Rates there can be 30% higher than those off property.
  4. Book the cheapest car, but pick it up late in the afternoon when they’re usually very busy.  You have a pretty good chance they’ll be out of your car and give you a free upgrade
  5. Before you go for the expensive accident insurance offered by the rental car company, ask your insurance agent what your current auto policy will cover.  You might be surprised.  Also, check if the credit card you’re using offers rental car coverage too.

And that is how you drive a bargain you’ll love.

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