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Should You Consider Investing in Precious Metals?

Posted by Admin on 9/12/2016

It’s hard to find something that was valuable 100 years ago that’s still valuable today.  Company stock can crash.  Even your old phone isn’t worth what it used to be just a few years ago.

But gold, silver, platinum—there’s always a market for those.  Plus, their value goes up in bad times so whenever people think an alien invasion is coming, they put their money into precious metals.

You can too. 

You can buy them in bars.  But they’re expensive and heavy to ship that way.  So another option is coins.  Bullion coin are coins you buy just for the value of the metal.  You can find a list of dealers on the website for the US Mint at www.usmint.gov.

Remember, the price of precious metals fluctuates, so experts recommend you hold on to them at least 3 years.  It could be precious metals may be a golden idea for you, whether or not you think the zombie apocalypse is at hand.

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