Smarter Ways to Spend Less During the Holidays

New toys, tech, and other gifts are fun to receive during the holidays, but they don’t come cheap. Add seasonal travel, decorations, and festive meals, and it's easy to see why many households find themselves with thousands of dollars of holiday debt after the season has passed. Don’t let this happen to you!

Get comfortable and snuggle up to these tips that could prevent you from waking up to holiday debt come the new year.

Use Price Comparison Apps

Before you buy that snow globe, check if it’s on sale. Download a free price comparison app, like RedLaser, that allows you to scan barcodes and find cheaper versions of a gift in minutes. These apps also let you read customer reviews to help determine if something is worth buying.

Get Strategic with Credit Card Usage

Think you have to spend money or max out your credit card to pay for holiday expenses? Not so, my little elf! Keep more cash in your wallet by stocking up on credit card reward points throughout the year and using them for gifts, travel, or cash back to spend on anything you want this holiday season. If you don't already have a Logix Platinum Rewards Mastercard, you may apply for one today and pay no interest for the first 12 months.

Book Travel Early

If you want to save on holiday travel, book your flights as early as possible. According to Travel and Leisure, travelers who book holiday trips before October 31 are more likely to score lower fares. But if you missed that window, aim to fly on the Monday before Thanksgiving or on Christmas Eve.

Stick to Your Holiday Shopping List

While giving gifts that our friends and family will love is fun, holiday spending can quickly get out of hand. Even those who are frugal tend to lose sight of their spending goals in December. Make a holiday shopping list and assign a spending limit to each gift. Remember that some of the most thoughtful gifts cost little to no money, such as:

  • Baked goods presented in a decorative holiday tin
  • Mason jars filled with ingredients for hot chocolate or another wintry treat
  • Homemade coupon books that can be redeemed for dreaded chores like cleaning the bathroom

Think about the hobbies and interests of your intended recipients to come up with personalized gift ideas.

Ready for more tips? Be sure to check out our SmartLab for other ways to save money while still enjoying the magic of the holidays. It could help ensure a merry and bright start to the new year.


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