Top 10 Ways Remote Work Could Change Home Buying and Selling

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Has your organization recently switched to a remote work environment? Is your dining room table now a desk? You are not alone. 

COVID-19 thrust remote work to prominence, and the infrastructure investments made by companies as a result of this crisis may bring about a permanent shift in where we work.

One area that could see lasting impact from this shift is real estate. While no one knows what will happen to the real estate market, it is interesting to imagine how a change in where people work could change what they prioritize in considering a home. With this in mind, here are the top 10 ways remote work could change home buying and selling. 

1. Offices could increase home value

As work from home has largely become the new norm, some are finding they have limited space to work. Since many homes were built before remote work was commonplace, dedicated home offices are in short supply, and homebuyers may pay a premium for them. New construction may also increasingly feature home office spaces.

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2. Homes in commercial areas could drop in value

Several companies recently announced that their employees may telework indefinitely, and more are sure to follow. This could influence where someone purchases their next home or rental property. People may be less willing to pay the higher price per square foot near busy industrial areas if they do not require easy access to a company office.

3. Remote homes could become popular

Accordingly, if the need to physically go into the office diminishes, homes in remote areas could become more popular. With larger yards, lower cost per square foot, and reduced noise, homes in rural areas or on the outskirts of a busy city are appealing for those who desire work-life balance or a slower pace.

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4. People might escape to vacation homes

With a rise in remote work, daily schedules may change, and folks may have the freedom to work from wherever they want. A vacation home could become an occasional office of choice. A meeting beachside may become a reality and not just reserved for a fantasy virtual meeting background. If telework continues to increase, there could be a rise in vacation home purchases or primary residences in vacation destinations, and a corresponding rise in value of homes in those areas.

5. Car payments may become home payments

As telework increases, commuting to work will decrease, and having a vehicle for every adult in a household may become unnecessary. Should that be the case, the money spent on car payments and car insurance could instead be put to work investing in a home.

6. Garages could become less desirable

If vehicle purchases decline nationwide and fewer vehicles are parked at home, garages could be used for another purpose, such as home office spaces, extra bedrooms, recreation rooms, or even removed in favor of larger outdoor spaces. In turn, there might be an increase in homebuyers looking for properties with smaller garages, converted garages, or no garages at all. 

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7. Homes near retail centers could drop in popularity

Another possible effect of rising remote work could be declining retail center popularity and an increase in online shopping for necessities and luxury items. That, combined with the growing popularity of food and retail delivery services, could reduce the value of living near physical retail spaces.

8. Outdoor spaces may be repurposed

With lunch hours and breaks spent at home, and the elimination of a long commute, there will be extra time to tend to a yard and extra time to appreciate it. Investments in family and guest-friendly outdoor spaces may trend upward as people find more opportunities to enjoy them. 

9. Resource efficient features could improve value

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Extra time at home means extra expense. Use of air conditioning, home appliances, water and utilities could increase monthly bills. To counter the added expense, it may be worthwhile for homeowners to invest in energy-efficient appliances, plumbing fixtures, sprinkler systems, and/or solar panels. These upgrades could also improve your home’s value.

10. Mobility rates could decline

It is pretty common to move several times during your adult life due to job changes, family, lifestyles, or even weather. As employers and households continue to accommodate remote work, relocation rates may decline meaning there will be fewer homes on the market, higher investments in existing properties, and potentially more fully paid-off mortgages.

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