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For many years, we've invited influencers of the credit union - the people who cared the most about our success - to participate in a program called Inner Circle. This forum was a precursor to social media as we know it, and served the same function: it allowed us to interact with members who care about our brand and explore ideas with them which would build a stronger future for our credit union. 

Some exciting changes have happened at Logix because of feedback we received in Inner Circle. For example, your feedback has influenced the placement of new branches, the expansion of branch and call center hours, and guided the development of some of our technological offerings.

Inner Circle was also designed to be a place for us to share important credit union information with the most passionate members before releasing it to the overall membership. Inner circle members were the first to hear about things like our name change and HQ move. 

Beginning in 2013, we began to notice a shift as our influencers started using comments on this blog, on Facebook, and on our @LogixFCU and @LogixFCU_CEO Twitter feeds as their preferred methods of communication with Logix and our CEO, Dave Styler. These media also offered us the opportunity to reach influencers with an immediacy not available to us through Inner Circle, and it soon joined Inner Circle as a place where we'd post the important news previously reserved for that channel. Since 2013, there has nearly been a complete migration to these communication channels and few members continue to use Inner Circle.

Since this Inner Circle channel requires staff time in maintenance, and because the features of Inner Circle are now duplicated in several areas, the decision has been made to migrate all Inner Circle communications to the channels listed above. Since the inception of Inner Circle, it’s been a place where the people who truly care about the credit union and its direction can learn about Logix and provide feedback. In concept, it has always been social media, though it was established before anyone was using that term. With these newer and more effective social media channels available, we hope there will be a seamless transition.

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Thank you for your enthusiasm about the direction of Logix. We hope to see your comments posted frequently. If you'd like to start right now, please use the comments section directly below!

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