Why I Love Working at Logix


I just want you to know how much I love Logix!” the ecstatic member declares to me as I wrap up his transaction. “You guys are always so nice and professional.”

“Why thank you, sir,” I humbly reply. “We take pride in the way we treat our members.”

“You guys are nothing like those big banks. They treat their customers like a number.”

“Believe me, I know. I worked for a ‘big bank’ once.”

This is a typical exchange I have with a member almost on a daily basis. I have worked for Logix as a Member Services Officer for roughly two years, and unlike my previous jobs, my amiable conversations here are genuine as opposed to the insincere scripted dribble I used to spew at people just to appease them or sell them inferior products.

“Boy, I’ll tell ya, this is a great credit union. Do you like working here?”

Do I like working here? Do I like working here? How do I answer such a loaded complex question? How do I fully express to this member the capacity in which I like, no, love, working here? Suddenly my mind begins to race. Where to begin? Where to even start?

Do I mention to him how miserable I was working for one of the so-called nefarious “big banks” (who I shall not name but let’s just say their name might rhyme with “Hell’s Cargo”); where I felt guilt and shame in the way the company profited off unsuspecting souls. No, perhaps that is too dark and depressing to reference.

Perhaps I can tell him something more positive. Maybe I can tell him about the fun work environment we have; how we like to have parties and massive potlucks, extravagant Halloween festivities, barbeques, food trucks, jersey days, and prize giveaways. Or how about I tell him about our CEO who takes time to chat and visit with us regularly (and answers every employee’s questions about issues ranging from the ice machine to wearing open-toed shoes). For a moment I consider telling him about our CATFISH values, but I realize it may take too long to go into each letter of the acronym. I suppose I could bring up my super cool office, with my futuristic hydraulic desk, open workspace, convenient gym, cappuccino machines, vending machines, and big screen LCD television in the break room. What if I bring up the fact that the company respects me as an employee the same way we respect the members, therefore creating a favorable climate where the flow of positive energy passes from management to employees to the members and back again? I know! I can tell him about our competitive rates and products and how we actually give money back to the members when we profit.There’s just so much to say and so little time!

As I struggle to find the words to convey to this man my appreciation for my job, my thoughts just swirl in frenzy and all I can say is…

“Yes, I love working here.”

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Mark Guirguis

Mark Guirguis

Mark has over 8 years of banking experience, working for several prominent banking institutions. He has a background in creative writing, film editing, multimedia, political science, public speaking, speech competitions, and policy debate. When he’s not working, his hobbies include filmmaking, writing screenplays, editing, graphic design, creating web content, engaging in political and pop culture banter, traveling, and eating anything and everything.