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Hiring a Contractor - A Logix Video Blog

Posted by Admin on 6/12/2017


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Working from Home - A Logix Video Blog

Posted by Admin on 6/8/2017

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Now Would Be A Good Time To Buy Winter Clothes

Posted by Maceo K on 5/31/2017

Growing up my mother made us go through a process that, to my childhood brain was cruel and unusual. It was called spring cleaning. Each and every year, twice a year (in fall too), we cleaned the house from top to bottom. Ironically, I didn't have all that much responsibility until I was older, but it did mean I had to clean my room and separate my clothes for the season.

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Credit Counseling Ideas - A Logix Video Blog

Posted by Admin on 5/26/2017


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Money Is Just A Score Board: What Cash Can Do And What it Can't

Posted by Charles Haine on 5/23/2017

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Budget: The Unwanted Wedding Guest

Posted by Kaylee Lachmiller on 5/16/2017

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and stressful experiences of your life! From cake flavors and color schemes to bridal party attire and deciding on flowers, it can be enough to seriously consider eloping. One of the most difficult pieces of the wedding puzzle is setting and sticking to a budget. It seems as though any service is doubled after the word wedding is said and trying to figure out how to cover the expenses can be a daunting task. Once you’ve said "yes" and the wedding planning begins, budget is usually the first conversation that is had between the couple and any other family members involved.  Look to these few tips to help relieve some of that budgeting pressure:

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Whole Life Insurance - A Logix Video Blog

Posted by Admin on 5/11/2017

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Safeguarding Your Personal Info on Your Smart Phone & Computer

Posted by Admin on 5/9/2017

Given that most of us rely on our computers and mobile devices for everything, including storing our personal information, it's safe to say we want to keep them safe and secure from those with malicious intent. Sadly, our personal electronic devices are constantly under attack by bad guys across the world whose primary goal is to steal our private information.  We are bombarded with endless spam emails, scam phone calls, texts, and computer pop-ups attempting to con us into giving out our own card numbers, social security numbers, and passwords just to name a few. If that happens, they can sell it to other criminals, steal our identities, and open fraudulent loans or even extort us for money to get it back.

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Topics: Fraud prevention, Fraud and Identity Theft

Retirement Savings Snowball: How Much Should You Save?

Posted by Paco de Leon on 5/3/2017

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Topics: Saving, Financial Planning, Retirement

Fixing Things is Incredibly Satisfying.  So Why Don’t We Do More of It?

Posted by Charles Haine on 4/28/2017

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