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Kayleen Kavanagh

Kay started with Logix in early 2009 and has held a few different member service roles. She enjoys sharing her positive learning experiences with hopes that we can all continue down the path of smarter banking.

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5 Reasons to Add Your Logix Card to a Digital Wallet

Posted by Kayleen Kavanagh on 6/23/2020

You’re sitting on the couch using your mobile device to shop online when you see an item that you absolutely must have. Two taps later, the item is in your cart and you’re ready to check out. After adding your shipping information, you think, albeit prematurely, “Wow! It’s so easy to buy whatever I want from the comfort of my couch.” Smiling, you scroll to the payment details section, then quickly frown upon seeing blank fields for a card number, expiration date, and CVV. You let out a long sigh because your card is in your wallet, which is in the kitchen, practically 50 paces away! Comfortably seated on the couch and not the least bit interested in getting up you say, “Alexa? Bring me my card.” If only it were that easy. The barrier is almost too much to handle. You’re about to abandon the cart for cute animal videos, when you see it: the digital wallet you recently installed on your mobile device. Convenience at your fingertip. A ray of digital sunshine. The choir sings. You quickly tap the icon, then tap one more time to confirm your purchase. Phew! Your smile returns and all is well again in that moment. 

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Topics: Consumerism

Watch Out For Mobile Deposit Fraud

Posted by Kayleen Kavanagh on 2/12/2020

We’ve previously shared about employment scams, where fraudsters prey on victims looking for jobs. In a typical employment scam, the fraudster poses as an employer and sends the victim a check with instructions to deposit it into the victim's account, keeping a small portion of the check for themselves and wiring the remaining balance to another account. A few days later, the deposited check returns on the victim’s account (as a counterfeit, account closed, or other non-payment reason), leaving the victim responsible for the lost funds.

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Topics: Fraud & Identity Theft

Inexpensive Gifts for Your Valentine that Pack A Lot of Heart

Posted by Kayleen Kavanagh on 2/11/2020

How is it already mid-February? If you’re like me, you have barely recovered from the holidays. All the dining out, celebrations, and gift-giving were fun, but now you’re stuck sewing the hole that burned in your pocket. Then, just when you think you’ve finally caught up, sneaky February 14th is upon you vying for your love and credit cards. Yes, Valentine’s Day can very much feel like a commercial holiday and yet, many of us want to celebrate it by showering our loved ones with costly gifts. If you are looking for that kind of gift guide, this isn’t it. As the title suggests, this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is for those who want to show their Valentine some affection while still being budget-conscious. As a bonus, these gifts take little planning and can come together in less than a day.

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Topics: Spending, Budgeting

Give Yourself an Early Payday with Direct Deposit

Posted by Kayleen Kavanagh on 1/13/2020

What’s better than payday? How about having access to your paycheck earlier than most everyone else. We process your direct deposit as soon as we get the notification from your employer, which means an early payday for many members - sometimes two days earlier than usual, depending on your employer. Early payday is one of the many account perks Logix members have always had. We never even advertised it because, frankly, it is the right thing to do! But now that a whole slew of financial institutions are adding this as a perk and talking about it like it is something special, or even worth paying extra for, we wanted to let you know that this is a benefit of your Logix checking account to enjoy, just like the many other built-in luxuries that other financial institutions seem to think are revolutionary.

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Topics: Checking Accounts

How to Turn On Card Notifications in the Logix Mobile Banking App

Posted by Kayleen Kavanagh on 7/9/2019

Our Logix Mobile Banking App has many new and improved features over our prior app, including one frequently asked for feature: Card Notifications. Turning on Card Notifications in the Logix Mobile Banking App is easy - jump to the steps below.

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Topics: Fraud & Identity Theft, Tips & Tricks

Join Us for Santa Clarita Valley's Concerts in the Park!

Posted by Kayleen Kavanagh on 6/27/2019

When the days are long and the outdoors are calling, you don't have to go far for a good time. Pack a picnic and join us for a music-filled evening at Santa Clarita's Concerts in the Park. We're thrilled to be back again as presenting sponsor, and we can't wait to rock the night away with you.

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Topics: Community Stars

Logix Mobile Banking App - Lookin' Fresh! And Smarter, too

Posted by Kayleen Kavanagh on 11/29/2018

The wait is over. Our new mobile app is here!

Many of the new and improved app features are the result of members sharing their experiences with us about problems with our current app (say hello to Android Fingerprint and Touch ID/Face ID!) With technology improving every day, we wanted to create an app that would not only provide members a better mobile banking experience from day one, but also have the capacity to evolve with advancements in technology.

Check it out! 

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Topics: Insider

Logix Gives $1 Million to Local Charities

Posted by Kayleen Kavanagh on 10/17/2018

Something huge happened this month worth a shout-out: Logix Community Stars Foundation has donated $1 million to local charities since 2007!  We are elated and hit this mark because of your generosity!

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Topics: Community Stars

Pink Ribbon Pins for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Posted by Kayleen Kavanagh on 10/1/2018

Nearly everyone has a familiar face come to mind after hearing the word cancer.  Your mother, sister, grandfather, best friend, co-worker…the list goes on.  A cancer diagnosis can often be the beginning of a long, costly, and painful journey for those affected.  More than 5 years ago, we partnered with SCV’s Circle of Hope, Inc., a non-profit charity, through our Logix Community Stars foundation.  Circle of Hope provides financial assistance to cancer patients in need and offers emotional support, while educating cancer patients and their families.  Given their values and contribution to our branch communities, it made sense for us to support their efforts.

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Topics: Community Stars

Freezing Your Credit - Now Free!

Posted by Kayleen Kavanagh on 9/25/2018

As of September 21, 2018, freezing and unfreezing your credit is now free.  Under a new federal law, you will no longer need to pay a fee for freeze requests, and fraud alerts on credit reports are now valid for a year, extended from the prior timeline of 90 days.

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Topics: Fraud & Identity Theft

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