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Paul Boynton

Paul might live in Arizona, but he's a Southern California kid at heart. Born in Inglewood and raised in Santa Ana, he has a BA from UCLA and an MBA from Pepperdine. After a successful career in finance, the majority with one of Arizona's largest credit unions, he decided to chase a dream and try his hand at writing. He hasn't looked back since. Paul lives for his 4 kids, wife, the Dodgers, and his beloved UCLA Bruins. He's a devout believer in credit unions, loves a good pun, and never met a metaphor he didn't like.

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The Importance of Teaching Your Kids Good Savings and Spending Habits

Posted by Paul Boynton on 3/6/2019

Parents are playing a constant tug-of-war between letting their kids enjoy the freedom of youth and teaching them some of life's essential lessons. Of course, kids being as smart as they are these days, it's just a matter of time until they learn many of those lessons on their own. When dad stubs his toe on the couch and unleashes a verbal fury fit for a salty old pirate, they quickly understand that dear old dad is both imperfect and has quite a mouth on him under the right circumstances.

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Credit Unions Are Different, and Members Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

Posted by Paul Boynton on 10/18/2018

Credit unions are about common beliefs and taking control of your finances in cooperation with others that subscribe to the same goals and philosophies. While they might seem similar to a bank at the briefest of glances, there's so much more to discover upon a closer look.

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