Don't EVER put these four things on a credit card.

Contrary to popular belief, using a credit card to make purchases instead of cash can be a very healthy practice - especially if you don't carry a balance and you use a rewards credit card like our Platinum Rewards MasterCard. But there are four things nobody should ever put on a credit card:

Electromagnets: Electromagnets can damage the magnetic strip on your credit card, rendering them useless except in cases where the number is manually entered. (Such as an Amazon purchase.)
Other people's names: In the signature strip on the back of your card, never put another person's name or doodles of any sort. This space should be reserved for your own signature and other markings are not advisable.

White hot molten metal: As with the electromagnet, white hot molten metal (such as the kind one finds in steel mills or the volcanic planet Mustafar from Star Wars III) should not be put on a credit card except in dire circumstances, and NEVER while in your pocket. (Am I right, Brian?) The card will likely melt causing damage to the card or extreme pain if it touches the skin.

A trapping mechanism: Mouse trap like devices such as the one shown in the header image should notmousetrap_credit_card_trap2.png be put on credit cards. While it is fun to watch pickpockets cry in agony as they run away with your credit card snapped tightly to their throbbing fingers, don't forget they still have your credit card. There's a much easier way to thwart such thieves: simply download Logix Card Manager

Bonus tip: Remember that today is April Fool's Day as you surf the internet this morning! 


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Brad Blue

Brad Blue

Brad dislikes referring to himself in the third person, which makes writing blog bios awkward for him. He also greatly values the Logix core value of humility, which makes it doubly difficult to write a cool bio about himself. But he’s trying. He is the proud VP of Digital Marketing for Logix and loves working for a credit union because he’s passionate about the cooperative movement. He feels like he is making a difference. Originally from Colorado, he now lives in Ventura with his wife and two kids, and together they all find lots of fun things to do in their lovely little oceanside town.