“Out of Office” Working From Home in 2022 and Beyond


I’ve been having some troubles with my assistant this past year. Joel is friendly and able. He’s been with me for nine years and he’s great company, but never once has he brewed a pot of coffee. He is also constantly shedding around the office and overly concerned with the snack budget provided. This would be concerning for any supervisor, but I’ve neglected to mention that Joel is my cat of almost a decade and the office I’m typing to you from is located in my living room. After almost two years, I think it’s time to consider the importance of investing in a home office and the benefits it can provide both you and any other recently acquired co-workers.

*Special thanks to Joel - the cat.

If you’re part of the 45% of the American workforce navigating the ups and downs of remote work life, it’s a great time for homeowners especially to look at investing into their space. The California Association of Realtor predicts “The California median home price is forecast to rise 5.2 percent to $834,400 in 2022, following a projected 20.3 percent increase to $793,100 in 2021 from $659,400 in 2020.” For our Logix members who are already home owners, this could translate to a large line of credit where the collateral is the borrower's equity in their residence. Home equity loan interest also has the potential to be tax deductible if the loan is to buy, build or substantially improve your home. In regards to using the funds toward your office, remote workers have not only proven to be more productive than previously predicted, but also trend as having a higher level of satisfaction in their work, likely due to a more comfortable environment. With an office remodel, gone would be the days of loud family members in the background of a Zoom meeting or accidently leaving a colorful bathrobe in view! The current costs of home office renovation are well worth a conversation with your Financial Services Officer to see how Logix can help you get ahead of these costs with an open ended loan.

At last, an office I wouldn’t mind working overtime in. (Lindsay Pennington Inc.)

Los Angeles’ Residential Interior Designer, Lindsay Pennington, whose own home office conversions are displayed throughout this blog page, had this to say about homeowner’s investing in their new office space:

“In today's increasingly paperless world, the square footage needed to have an efficient and effective home office is increasingly reduced. That allows homeowners to carve out home office space in more creative ways, such as adding a desk and storage space in conjunction with new kitchen cabinetry as part of a kitchen remodel, or repurposing an underutilized (and unfinished) garage or storage space into a quiet refuge of productivity.  Converting garage or attic space into home office space typically requires insulation, electrical planning for computers and printers, ventilation and lighting, and storage for books and supplies.  Now more than ever clients want these rooms to meld the atmospheres of "home" and "office," so in addition to the practicalities of desk, ergonomic seating, and sound mitigation, homeowners should consider integrating the aesthetics of the office with the aesthetics of the rest of their house.”

*Special thanks to Lindsay Pennington for contributing to this post. More of her work can be found here: https://lindsaypenningtoninc.com/

Whether you’ve been inspired by the beautiful remodels shown here, relate to the struggles of adapting to the “new normal”, or are interested in adding value to your home and work-home life balance – Logix is here to help. We can help you take advantage of your home’s value in today’s market at a starting 2.99% APR introductory rate for your first year of Logix’s Home Office Conversion Loans and Lines of Credit. It is not only a loan flexible for your home improvement needs, but can be further utilized to pay off or consolidate debts into a low monthly payment. We offer you multiple ways to get your HELOC approval, whether you visit in person, call our local member services center, or apply online! Our aim is ensure the process is smooth and hassle free. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Until then, Members, stay safe, continue exploring smart ways to invest in your space, and most importantly - remember to hit the mute button!

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