California Inflation Relief Checks

Information on this topic is accurate as of 8/15/2022. For the most recent information, please visit the California Franchise Tax Board website.

More than 20 million Californians can expect a new round of direct payments to hit their bank accounts this year, Governor Gavin Newsom announced. The state is issuing payments up to $1,050 in what the governor called a new “Middle Class Tax Refund.” The direct payments are part of an inflation relief package.

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Work-From-Home Scams

While looking for a way to earn extra income, "David" comes across a company hiring a virtual assistant. The posting claims all work is done via email, and instructions will arrive each week, detailing a list of tasks to perform as part of the job. The company doesn't have a website, but there has been communication with what appears to be a local representative via email and telephone. David is instructed to deposit a $3,000 company check into his personal bank account. He is told to  keep $500, which is his pay for the week, and withdraw the rest of the funds and deposit them into three other bank accounts at the employer's direction. David is convinced that he has started the job of his dreams, and believes he is performing routine tasks for the company. In reality, he is acting as a money mule and participating in a fraud scheme.

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Online Banking Registration Guide

Online Banking is a free, secure, and convenient way to bank from home. Sign in to Online Banking to perform transactions, get account information, and much more. First time here? Learn how to register in just a few easy steps!

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How to Avoid a Social Security Scam

Social Security numbers (SSNs) are like bank and credit card account numbers— unauthorized access can create serious problems for the owner. Scammers hope to use your knowledge of this simple fact against you by falsely claiming that your SSN has fallen into the hands of criminals, and they need your help to resolve the situation. 

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Beware of Suspicious Activity

Pop Quiz! Test your digital payment safety smarts.

Q: If a person texts, and says they’re with Logix and need you to send money
to yourself with Zelle® to reverse a payment, what do you do?

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