It Pays to be a Logix Member

Logix Announces $6.2 Million Member Loyalty Dividend

Give the gift of Logix - Robot holding a present.

A Letter from Logix CEO, Dave Styler

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2015 Member Loyalty Dividend

Logix Announces Member Loyalty Dividend

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My Money Personality

I love a good personality test.  I remember when I was younger taking various personality quizzes like “What Your Favorite Lipstick Color Says About You” and “Which Celebrity Crush are you Most Compatible With? “ These moment-changing quizzes would be in an overly colorful teen magazine and after experiencing much delight in taking them, I would bring them to school to force encourage my friends to take them as well, hoping that they got as many “A-ha!” moments as I did from them.  Even now on Facebook, my friends are continually taking quizzes like “Which Disney Princess Are You?”  Who are YOU?  Who am I??  You’d think that since I’ve passed the age of thirty, I’d have me all figured out.  Don’t get me wrong – I do know me to an extent, but it’s so much easier when someone else finds better words and meanings, right?  Plus, they are usually written in a way that makes you feel like your trait is the best trait, similar to reading a Horoscope and, in my case, feeling as though Capricorn rules them all!

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Keeping Up with the Joneses

My mother once asked me,  “If all my friends jumped off a bridge would I do the same thing?” Being the snarky teenager I was my response was a sarcastic, “I probably would.” Years later as an adult (not two weeks ago) I actually did jump off a bridge because all of my friends did it.  Since I am here to tell the tale it Logix Card Managermeans things did not end badly, but my first time bungee jumping was almost entirely because of peer pressure. In our youth, peer pressure affects us differently.  It is often direct pressure to do a particular thing.  Once we have grown up, it often comes in a more subtle form.

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The Money Value of Time

In my Finance 101 class, my teacher taught us about the time value of money, also known as “present discounted value.” The general concept is this: the money in your change jar is worth more today than it will be tomorrow because it has opportunity to earn that extra day of interest. The time value of money is, for example, why the government loves sending you a tax refund. They know that you’ve loaned them free money each month, so any interest they gained could have been yours.  

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